Interesting posts, but they've strayed.

The first article I saw on coin mining is here:
I saw another in CNN's finance web site, but I can't find it now.  The first 
article says "Browser-based cryptominers can force your computer to mine monero 
even after you think you’ve left the offending site that launched the mining 
operation behind.".  Also, some web site "recently began informing users who 
have ad blockers installed that their computers will be used to mine 
cryptocurrencies while they are on the site.".  So web sites can
*detect that your browser is using ad blockers; and
* then run coin mining on your computer to make up for revenue lost by blocking 
their ads.
That first article also talks about coin mining destroying hardware.

The threat is real.  Ad-blockers are not sufficient.  So let's please get back 
to the original question.  There are several coin-mining blockers available for 
Firefox.  Based on your experience, which is most effective?  I (and probably 
others) would welcome your advice on this.
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