On Fri, 2018-04-13 at 05:47 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> On 04/12/18 21:05, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
> > Seagate's SeaTools for Linux won't start on my system. The file is rather 
> > old and
> > in a funky format, but it looks like it ought to run. Nevertheless, it 
> > won't run.
> > Can anyone tell me what's going on? Here's what happens:
> I suppose the larger question is, why use an old tool when most drives these 
> days
> support S.M.A.R.T. ?  I think SMART came into being around 2003.

A very good question.  This drive, a Seagate USB Backup Plus Portable Drive, 
doesn't seem to support SMART:  Here's a try:
   # smartctl --xall -T permissive /dev/sdc  
   smartctl 6.5 2016-05-07 r4318 [x86_64-linux-4.15.15-300.fc27.x86_64] (local 
   Copyright (C) 2002-16, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, www.smartmontools.org

Read Device Identity failed: scsi error unsupported field in scsi command

Device Model:     [No Information Found]
Serial Number:    [No Information Found]
Firmware Version: [No Information Found]
Device is:        Not in smartctl database [for details use: -P showall]
ATA Version is:   [No Information Found]
Local Time is:    Fri Apr 13 21:56:30 2018 PDT
SMART support is: Ambiguous - ATA IDENTIFY DEVICE words 82-83 don't show if 
SMART supported.
SMART support is: Ambiguous - ATA IDENTIFY DEVICE words 85-87 don't show if 
SMART is enabled.
A mandatory SMART command failed: exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T 
permissive' options.

I'm trying to get SeaTools for DOS, which is a self booting test suite,
intended to boot from a CD-ROM, running on a flash drive, but so far
without success.

The problem that started all this is that the drive, which I use for
backup, has started making an alarming beeping noise.  After not using
it for a while the noise has gone away, and I have made another backup
successfully.  Time to get a replacement; but I'm still curious what's
going on with the drive.

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