On 04/13/2018 12:34 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
I am attempting to set up an NFS server on a new Fedora 27 computer I have assembled using instructions I found, "Fedora Administration_Guide_Draft/NFS" and I am having a problem accessing it.

Sadly, that document is both incomplete and badly out of date.

$ cat /etc/exports

Several things to note:

1: NFSv4 is the default option on contemporary Fedora systems.  In NFSv4, the first export must be a "root" for all other exports. That is, if your first export is /var/ftp/pub, then all subsequent exports *must* be a subdirectory of /var/ftp/pub.  Typically, /export is the first export listed, and subdirectories follow. 2: The third line lacks a leading "/" and will cause exportfs to print an error.  I'm mostly sure that line is simply disregarded. 3: It doesn't make sense to export one directory twice, to the same set of clients.  If you fix the missing leading "/" on the third line, I'm mostly sure the fourth will then be disregarded.

You probably want:


Then from the client I get a refusal:

# mount  /mnt/test/
mount.nfs: Connection refused

Using NFSv4, the client must be able to reach TCP port 2049.  You can verify that this is or is not the case using telnet at the client.  Make sure the service is running, and port 2049 is open on the server. (Use "ss -t -l -n" on the server and look for port 2049.)  Telnet to that port from the client.
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