On 04/16/2018 12:41 AM, Dave Mitchell wrote:
F27. I ran a new laptop battery down to 4% (as claimed by gnome) and my
laptop didn't auto-suspend, nor hibernate.

I was very surprised a few days ago when I left my laptop unplugged and came back to find it powered off. I was expecting that it had just died and I would have to restart everything again. But when I turned it on, everything was there. I wasn't paying attention since I was expecting to have to wait for it to boot, so I don't know if it hibernated or suspended.

a) did I imagine it that earlier fedoras used to have this feature?

It used to. I searched in dconf and found a setting for that, but it is labelled as "no schema found".

b) any way I can enable auto-suspect on low battery for F27?

Somehow it suddenly started working for me, but I have no idea what triggered it.
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