On Thu, 17 May 2018 12:51:47 -0700
Paolo Galtieri <pgalti...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The system is about 80% idle.  What is interesting is I tried using
> the Gnome Classic desktop and I had the same issue regarding logging
> out. The difference is I was never able to logout of Gnome Classic
> until I killed off the processes.  I also found an curious issue.
> The system this problem is occuring on is a laptop, and I have an
> external monitor attached.  When I loggen into Gnome Classic the
> external monitor was an extension of the laptop display, i.e. I move
> the mouse off the right side of the laptop display and it shows up on
> the external monitor.  I changed the configuration so that the
> external monitor showed the same as the laptop display.  I also added
> an icon for gnome-terminal on the desktop.  So far so good.  When I
> logged out of Gnome Classic and logged back in to MATE the display
> configuration had changed from what it was before, now under MATE the
> external monitor was no longer a clone of the laptop display as it
> was previously, and there was now an icon for the terminal app on the
> MATE desktop which there was not previously.  I also was unable to
> mount any external drive under Gnome Classic either, and I got no
> message about not being authorized.
> Is there some kind of interaction between Gnome Classic and MATE?

From memory, mate is based on Gnome GTK2, while Gnome Classic is a
desktop environment similar to Gnome2, but based on GTK3.  So there
shouldn't be code overlap.  But it might be that some configuration
settings are in conflict, as they are both trying to emulate Gnome2.

> As I mentioned I have a second F27 system which does not exhibit
> these problems.  On both of these systems I have installed VirtualBox
> from Oracle.  I also installed the VirtualBox extension pack.  On one
> system, the one that does not show any issues, the install went
> fine.  On the one having the problems, the install of the extension
> pack failed with the following error:
> The installer failed with exit code 127: Error creating textual 
> authentication agent: Error opening current controlling terminal for
> the process (`/dev/tty'): No such device or address.
> I checked /dev/tty does exist.

It might be that something else is using the device, and the error
message is generic and only says doesn't exist instead of unavailable.

> Any ideas?

Again, not any good ones.  On the system that isn't working, you could
remove the virtualbox extension pack, and then install it again to see
if it can bypass the error.

And, is it possible there is some hardware error?  Is air circulation
good (might be overheating)?  Try a memory check to see if memory has
issues.  Run a diagnostic on the hard drive to see if it is in
pre-failure mode.
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