On Thu, 2018-05-17 at 12:51 -0700, Paolo Galtieri wrote:
> I also found an curious issue.  The system 
> this problem is occuring on is a laptop, and I have an external monitor 
> attached.  When I loggen into Gnome Classic the external monitor was an 
> extension of the laptop display, i.e. I move the mouse off the right 
> side of the laptop display and it shows up on the external monitor.  I 
> changed the configuration so that the external monitor showed the same 
> as the laptop display.  I also added an icon for gnome-terminal on the 
> desktop.  So far so good.  When I logged out of Gnome Classic and logged 
> back in to MATE the display configuration had changed from what it was 
> before, now under MATE the external monitor was no longer a clone of the 
> laptop display as it was previously, and there was now an icon for the 
> terminal app on the MATE desktop which there was not previously.

Dunno about the other problems but those two behaviors are normal.
~/Desktop is a standardized location so both desktop environments will
see a .desktop file dropped there.  The monitor config is different
though.  mate-display-properties and Gnome's tool will store information
in their own place and in their own way.  You will have to configure it
in both.  And good luck getting one of them to actually save the default
the login box will use because then you get into a combinational
explosion where each possible display manager might use parts of any
desktop environment to get that information from, but being Fedora will
probably want to be configured by Gnome 3 unless you have swapped out
the default login.

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