On Fri, May 18, 2018 at 08:41:20AM +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> On 05/18/18 08:23, Tom Horsley wrote:
> > I have just noticed that my Windows 10 virtual machine
> > no longer sends sound out to the host where I can
> > hear things.
> >
> > Unfortunately I got the annoying Windows 10 April update
> > and about the same time I switched to Fedora 28, so I
> > have no idea when sound might have vanished or which
> > changes might be at fault.
> >
> > Anyone done all these updates and had sound keep working
> > (or vanish). Is there some service I need to be running
> > on fedora 28 to support sound I may have turned off
> > by accident? (Or maybe the Windows 10 update killed off
> > something inside the virtual machine that needs to be
> > running).
> >
> > I suppose I ought to download updated Windows virtio
> > drivers for everything since newer versions might be
> > available (but it always takes forever to find them
> > as someone keeps moving them to make them easier to find
> > about every six months :-).
> Well, I most always use VirtualBox for my VM needs.  Not certain what you're 
> using.
> But, this has happened to me a while back.  With VBox, if you open 
> pavucontrol on the
> host there is a entry for VBox in the Playback tab under Applications.  In my 
> case I
> somehow managed to mute that.

I too use VBox, and run Win10 in it.

In my case, Win10 audio, as presented to me on the Centos box I
run it on, is horribly choppy. NO clue why.

I vaguely recll back when I first started running win10 in VB that
sound wasn't that way, but it has been, now, for a long time.

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