(sigh, I can finally get back to this)

Thank-you, Samuel.

There are subtle details of these dnf capabilities I'm not grasping ("dnf search" does not find xeyes, even with the "--all" option. But it is finding a few of the Python IDEs.

I'm trying to learn Python so I can calculate air's absorption/transmission of ultraviolet at a function of four independent variables, and graph the results. From the review I read, Spyder may be the best Python IDE for doing math/science graphics (using Matplotlib, SciPy, and NumPy). So I'll try that one first.

I already have Eclipse. I tried Eclipse and IDEA(?), both for java, several years ago. I did not like them. They were too complicated. Good ol' vi(m) and the command line were (for me) better! If Spyder does not work for me, I'll probably just go back to (g)vim.

Since "xeyes" was just a test case (I already have it installed), and the "dnf search" found Spyder, Eclipse, and pydev, I consider this thread closed.

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