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I took a picture of alligator/crockodile? boots that have a nice
stitched drawing.  I would like if any drawing/picture expert can
help me get just the part of the gator/crock from the drawing?

You can use programs like GIMP to trace over an image.  Load your
picture as a background, create a layer over the top of it, then draw
on the layer, tracing your picture.  After you've traced it, hide your
background, and you've got your tracing to work with by itself.

And once you've done that you can open Inkscape and use the "Trace
Bitmap" feature to turn it into a vector file if that is what you

Or skip GIMP completely, load the original bitmap in inkscape and manually (or maybe automatically) trace what you want. I have done something like that before. It's a lot easier if you have a graphic tablet or screen pen of course.
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