On 11/9/19 10:14 PM, Cătălin George Feștilă wrote:
this is the error on dmesg
[   15.063818] systemd[1]: systemd-modules-load.service: Failed with result 
[   15.064239] systemd[1]: Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.

I try to restart it but I got this:

[root@desk mythcat]# systemctl restart systemd-modules-load
Job for systemd-modules-load.service failed because the control process exited 
with error code.
See "systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service" and "journalctl -xe" for 

-- -- The job identifier is 2651. Nov 09 16:04:16 desk 
systemd-modules-load[5606]: Failed to lookup module alias 'fuse': Function not 
implemented Nov 09 16:04:16 desk systemd[1]: systemd-modules-load.service: Main 
process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE -- Subject: Unit process exited 
-- Defined-By: systemd -- Support: 
-- -- An ExecStart= process belonging to unit systemd-modules-load.service has 
-- -- The process' exit code is 'exited' and its exit status is 1.

Look in the following directories for files....  (some directories may not 


Cat the files which exist looking for "fuse" and post the file and contents.

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