On 2/13/20 6:54 PM, sean darcy wrote:
I've got an old laptop on fc31. I'd like to ssh in and stream music that plays on the remote. I can ssh in to the remote and bring up firefox, but it tries to play music on the ssh client, not the remote.

Any suggestions appreciated.

I put these notes together 4 years ago: http://hostisimo.com/pulse/index.html. Even though the end point was a Xen VM it should still work for your use case because Xen is fully virtualized which for all intents and purposes is a bare-metal "remote".

Missed a path component :/


note: the https certificate is expired. Recent upgrade killed the updater. Because I rewrite http to https I also used the wrong protocol. Just had minor surgery and I guess the fog hasn't lifted yet ;) (ps. How could anybody enjoy fentanyl?)
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