On Wed, 25 Mar 2020 20:46:05 +1100, Stephen Morris wrote:

> I didn't zoom was available for linux. 

If you go to zoom.us/download, you can get the app for Linux.  The one for
Fedora seems kind of old, though.

> I'm using zoom under windows for 
> interactive meetingĀ  while working from home and screen sharing from 
> other users works fine, I haven't tried it as yet. One thing you 
> mentioned above was that you were using an nvidia card in your laptop, 
> did you by any chance try configuring your bios video settings to nvidia 
> to see if that made any difference?

The laptop doesn't have an nvidia card, just the desktop.  Screen sharing
works fine with the laptop, but the placement of the camera and the size
of the screen make it less useful for teaching on Zoom.  I can, I guess,
login to the meeting with both the desktop and the laptop and share the
laptop's screen when I need to show the students a file.  (I'm also
logging in with an Android tablet to use as a whiteboard.)

> When I was using fedora natively instead of in a vm I was also using the 
> nvidia driver from negativo17 and found it work very well.

Yes, for everything else, the nvidia stuff from negativo17 has been great.

> regards,
> Steve


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