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Pedro wrote:

> Little Girl, you are partially right. If I remove that template, it
> disappears from the header on save. It then looks like this:
> "Last-Translator: Unknown <>&#92;n"

Interesting. Was the information in there the same as the information
it was populated as before?

> But I don't recall ever filling that!

I didn't either, but mine has some default information in it that
Geany discovered on its own.

> Mathew, yes. If I disable the option for auto-update (last checkbox
> on the menu), Last-Translator wont get updated, but time wont
> either. So, where does the "Unknown" comes from?

Could it be getting it from the ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub file that you
probably use to communicate with the .po file's host?

Little Girl

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