Dear list,

I am attempting to use Geany IDE to help develop my perl projects (I have several that I am working on currently)

I *used* to use Intellij IDEA (With perl plugins) to develop, check, debug and run my perl code but I then had to rebuild my Windows 10 machine due to several factors all coming together at the same time, and in the process I lost the functionality of IDEA to do my development.

I therefore did an internet search for PERL IDEs and Geany was one of them but I am struggling to set up some of the basics here.

Each of my current projects has a "bunch" of perl modules that I have written so in directory "X" I may have files, X2,pl,, etc

My question is: how can I add these relevant files to a Geany project so that they are all built into an executable unit that executes? - it doesn't have to be portable as all the relevant data files that I need are on my laptop and the output is the important thing with each project and each project *does* work (or at least used to under IDEA) but I seem to have missed or not read the basic functionality of Geany as to how to associte each file with a project and to develop the prgram to run to completion

Any help would be most appreciated


Alan Brown


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