Using the API you can accomplish this. First query the NBI for all CPE with
the version number you would like to upgrade from:

curl -i '

Using the language of your choice, you can then take the results and push
out the firmware to the CPEs

curl -i 
    -X POST \
    --data '{ "name": "download",

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 1:09 AM, Sergio <> wrote:

> Good morning!
> I would like to use GenieACS to update the firmware of a lot of CPEs.
> I was thinking, first, to try to implement it via GenieACS-GUI, but I even
> don't know how to start. Maybe a selectizer in a new tab will fit, but I
> don't know, and I would need guidance.
> The other way I was thinking of, it's via API. But I don't know if it
> would collapse or if it would be more difficult to accomplish.
> Hope you could help me with your advice!
> Thank you.
> Sergio F.
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