On Wed, 2017-08-02 at 11:13 +0100, James McNab wrote:
> I’d be interested in contributing to help develop this feature, any
> guidance would be much appreciated.

Great. To make things easier, I'd suggest implementing only the
notification part first if you have no need for access list.

The task structure you're proposing looks fine. But the bigger
challange is adding the new attribute (i.e. "notificaiton") internally.
Most of the work will be in session.coffee.

To give you a starting point, create a provision script that attempts
to read the "notification" attribute:

    declare("...", {notification: Date.now()});

Then make sure the notification timestamp is populated in the syncState
variable (see processDeclarations in session.coffee). Next, modify the
function "generateGetRpcRequest" to make it generate a structure that
will be used by soap.js to generate the final XML of the request.

Hope that makes sense.

Zaid Abdulla <z...@genieacs.com>
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