> On 9 Aug 2017, at 07:50, Zaid Abdulla <z...@genieacs.com> wrote:
> How about create a provision script triggered on "4 VALUE CHANGE" and
> calls an extension script which handlings sending you a notification

Hi Zaid,

That would work in terms of sending a notification but the provisioning script 
does not have access to details of the Inform that triggered it to run does it? 
(Event codes, parameter list included in the Inform etc). I need to know what 
parameters were included in the 4 VALUE CHANGE Inform so I know what has 
changed (not just that ‘something’ has changed).

If the cpeRequest object was passed into the provision when it is run in the 
sandbox then I could pass this to an external script to do the notification.

It would also be useful to have notifications when a task is completed or 
faults, otherwise we have to poll the ACS to work out if the task has completed 
or not. Perhaps something worth considering if you are looking at adding 
pub/sub events to the next version of the API. This is something I might look 
at adding to my fork.

I believe this notification/event mechanism is actually specified in the NBI 
spec TR-131 6.7 Events.
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