I spent many hours trying to figure out what is going wrong when running Nova on my
Optiplex 745 machine.

I have figure out that the computer would reboot unless I commented out:
In si.cpp constructor, the TRACE line have to be commented out.
Id pd.cpp constructor, the Mtrr::init(); have to be commented out.

Also, to see what is going on on the screen, in:
genode/tool/run/boot_dir/nova, I have removed novga from:
#proc kernel_output { } { return "novga serial" }
This allow to see some info on the screen.

My 2 CPUS are shown on the screen.
But that's the last thing that is shown.
It looks like the schedule call at the end of bootstrap.cpp does not seems to kick in. I am unsure where is the code that is supposed to be run from there... or/and why it is not run.

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