I am still working on a patch for the Mono runtime: the goal is to
have it integrated by Novell but it must meet certain criteria to do

Meanwhile, I have prepared a patched version of the recently released
2.4.3. If you need an interim solution, you can find the disk images
at http://build.monobjc.net/releases/2.4.3_M/MonoFramework-2.4.3_M-universal.dmg

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

2009/12/2 Laurent Etiemble <laurent.etiem...@monobjc.net>:
> Hello,
> Sorry for the late update, but I had some busy nights trying to find
> another work-around for the Snow Leopard crash. The 4.0.436 release of
> the Monobjc bridge has brought mixed results regarding the Snow
> Leopard crash: some users have reported success while others have
> reported nasty crashes.
> So, I have resumed my work on the Mono runtime patching to find an
> acceptable way to do it (not too hacky so Novell would accept it).
> During my tests, I have discover that the conditions of the bug are
> already present under Leopard. Why it does not crash seems linked to
> the way TSD (Thread Specfic Data) are destroyed. So I have changed my
> approach and I have come to a workaround that seems to prevent the
> crash.
> The archive of the patched Mono runtime is available at:
> http://build.monobjc.net/releases/
> In order to use the archive:
> - you need to have a working installation of Mono.
> - uncompress the archive in /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions
> - relink the Current symlink to the archive (sudo rm Current && sudo
> ln -s Current)
> Some points about this runtime:
> - The runtime is universal. I have made some tests under some
> OS/Processor combinations, but I cannot cover all hardware.
> - The runtime contains Mono, Visual Basic and NAnt. It does not
> contains libgdiplus or any of the third-party packages.
> - The runtime contains all what is needed to run mkbundle or the
> packaging tasks.
> - The runtime also contains other patches: embedded "machine.config"
> and "app.config" are now usable.
> If you decide to test this runtime, please provide the following:
> - hardware/system full version
> - kind of application/complexity
> - anything that can help in case of crash
> Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

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