I did not have time to experiment the MonoDevelop debugger with
Monobjc. The NIB loading is done by the NSApplication.LoadNib method,
which uses NSBundle.LoadNibNamedOwner. You can try to use
NSBundle.LoadNibFileExternalNameTableWithZone instead, with a full
path instead.

If I had some time, I will take a look and report to the list.

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

2010/1/9 Rufus Buschart <rufus.busch...@gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I would like to ask you, what you recommend as the most simplest way to
> debug C#/mono using the Monobjc library. After some long hours I found out,
> that I'm able to compile Monobjc applications from within Monodevelop. Also
> I found out that these application even run, if you structure the output as
> an application bundle and start the bundle from the Finder or from Terminal.
> But every time when I try to execute them with the integrated debugger of
> Monodevelop I get the "Error loading NIB"-Message, which is discussed a
> couple of times in the archive of this mailing list.
> So how do you debug your applications?
> Maybe we get this "Error loading NIB"-problem fixed, if we set some
> parameter correctly? I would love to get the integrated debugger of
> Monodevelop working with Monobjc.
> I'm fairly new to Monobjc and developing in Cocoa but I do have 5+ years of
> professional development background in .net/C# under Windows.
> Best regards,
> Rufus
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