I don't have such issue. Have you the same issue with the sample
applications of Monobjc's ?

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

2010/2/8 marc hoffman <m...@elitedev.com>

> im testing on two systems, one with 2.6, and one with 2.6.1. on neither
> Monobjc (both an old app i built a while go that used the first Beta of
> Monobjc to need the dylib and worked in 2.4, and a new one with 4.0.479.0)
> and on neither do Monobjc apps load the NIB.
> my startup code looks like this:
> class method Program.Main;
> begin
>  ObjectiveCRuntime.LoadFramework("Cocoa");
>  ObjectiveCRuntime.Initialize();
>  NSApplication.Bootstrap();
>  NSApplication.LoadNib("Interface.nib");
>  NSApplication.RunApplication();
> end;
> Interface.nib is present, but when i start my app, i get no error, and an
> "empty" menu (just the app name), as if no BIB as present/loaded.
> is this a known issue? anyone else seeing this?
> marc

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