I'm building an application using monobjc. This application has a dll
that relies on a compiled c library (dylib). When running my
application using the mono installation, I have a dll.config file with
the following contents:

  <dllmap dll="foo" target="libfoo.dylib" />

This config file is placed in the same directory as my .exe and .dll
files and i can run the application.

When building a standalone application, I can't run it because it
can't find libfoo.dylib. This seems to have something to do with
relative paths. I notice that the mkappl nant task outputs that it is
including and "relocating" the config file.

My question is, what path can I supply to the target attribute to get
my standalone application to load libfoo.dylib appropriately?
Alternatively, how should I approach this problem?



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