Here are some news about the project and its direction.

+) Upcoming version 3.0
I am currently working on the upcoming version 3.0. It is a complete rewrite
of the Monobjc's core, and aims to bring even higher quality and
performance. I will try to keep the public API unchanged, so the migration
impact should be close to zero.
This upcoming release will feature the support for Blocks, Categories, and
support of Exception rethrowing (if I managed to get things work). It will
also include the support of the Snow Leopard API (Mac OS X 10.6).

+) Release of MonoMac
A few days ago, Novell (the company backing the Mono project) has released
the MonoMac bindings. It means that Novell is now providing and supporting
its own Mac OS X bindings.

I have been asked if MonoMac means the end of the Monobjc project; well I
don't think so. In my opinion, there are enough place for several bindings
of quality on the Mac OS X platform; in this area, choice is a good thing.

I stay strongly committed to make Monobjc a great Mac OS X bindings, easy to
use and to develop with. By providing a complete tool-chain
(development/debugging with MonoDevelop, embedding, distribution/update) and
a support of quality (documentation, community), my hopes are that Monobjc
is bringing value to the .NET ecosystem on Mac OS X.

+) Contributions
Finally, I would like to thank all the people that are contributing to the
project (either by their bug-report or by their submission). They are
helping to make Monobjc a better and greater project. Keep up and happy

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

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