I have spent a couple of hours to investigate the problem. It seems that
the pkg-config command in Mono 3.0 does not look up anymore in the
"./share/pkg-config/" folder of the Mono installation. This explains why
assemblies are not found by MonoDevelop.

After moving the .pc files from the "./share/pkg-config/" folder to
"./lib/pkg-config/", the assemblies are found, parsed but MonoDevelop
refuses to build the project.

I have also tried to include the assemblies by hand, but with no success. I
must admit that I am stucked for now and I don't really get what is going

Has anyone successfully build a Monobjc project under MonoDevelop with Mono
3.0 ?

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

2012/11/7 Steve Baer <st...@mcneel.com>

>   Using the latest Monodevelop (3.0.5) and Mono 3.0.  When I try to
> create the monobjc console application, I get errors in the project’s
> references list for Monobjc and Monobjc.Foundation stating
> “Assembly not available for Mono / .NET 4.0 (in Mono 3.0.0)”
> I was wondering if other people are successfully using monobjc with these
> latest builds of Mono and MonoDevelop.  Just asking so I don’t waste a
> bunch of time tracking down the problem in case this is an already known
> problem.
> Thanks,
> -Steve

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