On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 3:33 PM, Ashley Pittman<ash...@pittman.co.uk> wrote:
>> When i run tping i get:
>> ELAN_EXCEOPTIOn @ --: 6 (Initialization error)
>> elan_init: Can't get capability from environment
>> I am not using slurm or RMS at all, just trying to get openmpi to run
>> between two nodes.
> To attach to the elan a process has to have a "capability" which is a
> kernel attribute describing the size (number of nodes/ranks) of the job,
> without this you'll get errors like the one from tping.  The only way to
> generate these capabilities is by using RMS, Slurm or I believe pdsh
> which can generate one and push it into the kernel before calling fork()
> to create the user application.

I didn't realize it was an MPI type program, so I ran is using the
QSNet version of mpirun and OpenMPI.  The process does start and runs
through 0: and 2:, which i assume are packet sizes, but freezes at
that point.

We have an existing XC cluster from HP, that we're trying to convert
from XC to standard RHEL5.3 w/ Slurm and OpenMPI.  All i want to be
able to do is load RHEL5 and the Quadrics NIC drivers, and run OpenMPI
jobs between these two nodes I yanked from the cluster before we
switch the whole thing over.

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