Hi Michael, Andrew, list

knem is doesn't work in OMPI 1.8.3.
See this thread:

A fix was promised on OMPI 1.8.4:

Have you tried it?

I hope this helps,
Gus Correa

On 01/08/2015 04:36 PM, Friedley, Andrew wrote:
Hi Mike,

Have you contacted your admins, or the vendor that provided your True
Scale and/or PSM installation? E.g. Redhat, or Intel via
ibsupp...@intel.com <mailto:ibsupp...@intel.com>?  They are normally the
recommended path for True Scale support.

That said, here’s some things to look into:

I think it’s strange that you’re hitting PSM linker problems while
compiling an app with Open MPI.  Normally only the PSM MTL is linked
directly against PSM.  Try verifying that nothing else is linking in
PSM. Also, it’s possible your OMPI build is different from normal too.

PSM has optional KNEM support that can be compiled in, but it’s off by
default and I’ve never heard of it being used.  It’s possible that your
PSM was changed or recompiled and part of your cluster upgrade, and the
installation isn’t quite right.  It looks like your PSM was compiled
with KNEM support, but the KNEM library isn’t being linked in or is not
being found.


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Hello all,

Our clusters were just upgraded to both a new version of PGI (14.9) as
well as openmpi (1.8.3).  Previous versions were 12.1 and 1.6
respectively, and those compiled and linked just fine.  The newest
versions are not linking my mpi applications at all.  Here’s the problem:

/opt/scyld/openmpi/1.8.3/pgi/bin/mpif90 -C chemcode_mpi.o mod_mpichem.o
plume_mpi.o amb2D_mpi.o fex.o jex.o use_tuv.o run_lsode.o mod_amb.o
utmgeo.o lsode.o newamb.o plume.o amb2D.o solve.o mod_cdf.o calc_rates.o
mod_tuv.o flux.o amb1D.o amb_com.o newamb2D.o vs_ccode.o ck_errors.o
newamb1D.o doChem.o mod_lsode.o stode.o plume_com.o typeSizes.o netcdf.o
mod_parameters.o mod_chem.o runfile.o com_codes.o mod_SLAM.o mod_CPUFF.o
calc_za.o mod_releases.o mod_site.o mod_distance.o nuclear_dates.o
mod_luparms.o deposition.o diffusion.o getTJ.o mod_met.o met_data.o
mod_h5tuv.o tuv10.o mod_h5camx.o cmxamb.o \

-L/ensco/apps/cm/CMSOL/linux/szip-2.1/lib -o \

         chemcode_mpi  -L/opt/pgi/linux86-64/14.9/lib -lpgf90 -lpgf90rtl \

         -L/ensco/apps/cm/CMSOL/linux/hdf5-1.8.3/lib -lhdf5_fortran -l
hdf5 -lz -lm

/usr/lib64/libpsm_infinipath.so.1: undefined reference to `knem_put'

/usr/lib64/libpsm_infinipath.so.1: undefined reference to `knem_open_device'

/usr/lib64/libpsm_infinipath.so.1: undefined reference to `knem_get'

/usr/lib64/libpsm_infinipath.so.1: undefined reference to

I’ve searched the net for any information on this and nothing has seemed
to help.  I’m fairly confident that all my variables and paths to the
new software is correct.

Any ideas?




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