hi team:
    I have a question about the checkpoint/restart of openmpi, I hope you can 
    I can use openmpi to checkpoint the example program 'hello' which is 
provided in the builddir.
    But when I checkpoint other applications like NPB or hpl,  when I execute 
the command ompi-checkpoint pidXXX, 
    it just hang there without any information.
    How can fix this problem ?  By the way , the openmpi version I am using is 
1.6.5 and the openmpi configure is like below:
./configure --prefix=/home/zgz/openmpi/ --with-ft=cr --enable-ft-thread 
--enable-opal-multi-threads --with-blcr=/usr/local 
--with-blcr-libdir=/usr/local/lib --enable-debug --enable-mpi-ext=cr 

    best wishes!


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