Brice Goglin <> writes:

> Hello
> Assuming this NVML detection is actually done by hwloc, I guess there's
> nothing in OMPI to disable it. It's not the first time we get such an
> issue with OMPI not having all hwloc's --disable-foo options, but I
> don't think we actually want to propagate all of them.

I'd build against the system libhwloc, if only for consistency with
other things using hwloc.

However, don't --disable-... options get passed to sub-configures
(possibly with a warning at higher levels)?  I guess that's what Gilles

> Maybe we should just force several enable_foo=no when OMPI invokes
> hwloc's configury. At least nvml, gl, opencl, libudev are likely useless
> for OMPI.
> Brice

For what it's worth, I've found the nvidia bits harmful in another
situation.  After much head scratching, I found that mysterious bus
errors crashing SGE daemons seemed connected to them, and the crashes
went away when I rebuilt the hwloc library without the stuff.  [I didn't
think I could make a useful bug report.]
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