I am attempting to modify a relatively large code (Quantum Espresso/EPW) and 
here I will try to summarize the problem in general terms.

I am using an OPENMPI-compiled fortran 90 code in which, midway through the 
code, say 10 points x(3,10) are broadcast  across say 4 nodes. The index 3 
refers to x,y,z. For each point, a number of calculations are done and an 
array, B(3,20,n) is generated. The integer n depends on the symmetry of the 
system and so varies from node to node.

When I run this code serially, I can print all the correct B values to file, so 
I know the algorithm works.  When I run it in parallel, I get numbers that are 
meaningless. Collecting the points would not help because I need to collect the 
B values. I have tried to run that section of the code on one node by setting 
the processor index “mpime" equal to “ionode" or “root” using the following IF 

IF (mpime .eq. root ) THEN
do the calculation and print B

Neither ionode nor root returns the correct B array.

What would be the best way to extract the B array?

Thank you,


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