Note that 2.x lost the memory hooks, cf. the thread

The numbers you have looks like 20% loss we also have seen with 4.x vs. 1.10.x versions. Try the dirty hook with 'memalign', LD_PRELOAD this:

$ cat alignmalloc64.c
/* Dirk Schmidl (ds53448b), 01/2012 */
#include <malloc.h>
void* malloc(size_t size){
        return memalign(64,size);

$ gcc -c -fPIC alignmalloc64.c
$ gcc -shared -Wl,-soname,$(LIBNAME64) -o $(LIBNAME64) alignmalloc64.o

On 05/04/17 12:27, marcin.krotkiewski wrote:
The resultsare puzzling: it seems that something changed starting from version
2.x, and the FDR system performs much worse than with the prior 1.10.x release.

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