Dear developers,
I am using for a long time the proved configure command:
./configure --with-verbs=/software/ofed-1.5.4
--prefix=/software/openmpi/2.1.1/gcc --enable-mpi-thread-multiple
--enable-shared --enable-mpi-cxx --enable-mpi-fortran

After switching our planning environment from Torque to PBSPro (because
it's free now) I now had to add "--with-tm=/usr" and
LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -lutil -lpbs -lcrypto" to be able
to configure the software successfully. Compilation then works fine. The
system I am using is Debian 8 stable in current state. Could you please
adjust the configure checks to reflect the situation?

Thnak you, Petr

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   User Support                    phone:  +420 950 072 112
   CESNET z.s.p.o.                 mobile: +420 606 665 139
   location: Zikova 4, Praha       room: 90a
                        Czech Republic

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