OMPI Users,

I know from a while back when I was scanning git to find some other thing,
I saw a kind user (Gilles Gouaillardet?) added the F08 interfaces into the
man pages. As I am lazy, 'man mpi_send' would be nicer than me pulling out
my Big Blue Book to look it up. (Second in laziness is using Google, so I'd
love to see the F08 interfaces in the man 3 web page docs as well.)

Is there a timeline as to when these might get into the Open MPI releases?
I'm not the best at nroff, but I'll gladly help out in any way I can.


PS: An effort is happening where I work to incorporate one-sided MPI
combined with OpenMP/threads into our code. So far, Open MPI is the only
stack we've tried where the code doesn't weirdly die in odd places, so I
might be coming back here with more questions when we try to improve the
performance/encounter problems.

Matt Thompson

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