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*From:* Noam Bernstein <>
*Sent:* Tuesday, October 09, 2018 2:26PM
*To:* Open Mpi Users <>
*Subject:* [OMPI users] no openmpi over IB on new CentOS 7 system

Hi - I’m trying to get OpenMPI working on a newly configured CentOS 7 system, and I’m not even sure what information would be useful to provide.  I’m using the CentOS built in libibverbs and/or libfabric, and I configure openmpi with just
—with-verbs —with-ofi —prefix=$DEST
also tried —without-ofi, no change.  Basically, I can run with “—mca btl self,vader”, but if I try “—mca btl,openib” I get an error from each process:

   error modifing QP to RTR errno says Invalid argument

If I don’t specify the btl it appears to try to set up openib with the same errors, then crashes on some free() related segfault, presumably when it tries to actually use vader.

The machine seems to be able to see its IB interface, as reported by things like ibstatus or ibv_devinfo.  I’m not sure what else to look for.  I also confirmed that “ulimit -l” reports unlimited.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to diagnose this issue?


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