Open MPI: 4.0.0
PMIx: 3.0.2
OS: Debian 9

I'm building a debian package for Open MPI and either I get the following error 
messages while configuring:

      undefined reference to symbol 'dlopen@@GLIBC_2.2.5'
      undefined reference to symbol 'lt_dlopen'

when using the configure option:

      ./configure --with-pmix=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pmix

or otherwise, if I use the following configure options:

      ./configure --with-pmix=external 

I have a successfull compile, but when running mpirun I get the following 

We were unable to find any usable plugins for the BFROPS framework. This PMIx
framework requires at least one plugin in order to operate. This can be caused
by any of the following:

* we were unable to build any of the plugins due to some combination
  of configure directives and available system support

* no plugin was selected due to some combination of MCA parameter
  directives versus built plugins (i.e., you excluded all the plugins
  that were built and/or could execute)

* the PMIX_INSTALL_PREFIX environment variable, or the MCA parameter
  "mca_base_component_path", is set and doesn't point to any location
  that includes at least one usable plugin for this framework.

Please check your installation and environment.

What I find most strange is that I get the same error message (unable to find
any usable plugins for the BFROPS framework) even if I don't configure 
external PMIx support!

Can someone please hint me about what's going on?

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