Hi Jeff,

> How are you measuring that it hasn't been successful?
A network switch sits between the two machines and I am watching the link activity on the ports.

> One thing to make sure of is that you interfaces are on different subnets.
Oh. I had them all on the same subnet. Now the first port shares the same subnet so I can ssh in and the other ports have their own just as you suggested.

> Bad Things(tm) can happen...

How do I now go about setting up /etc/hosts, -hostfile entries and bringing them all together on the mpirun run line ? For example, my 2nd machine is a quad core Dell T3500. Should I create a separate entry in /etc/hosts for each NIC port ? (T3500-eth1, T3500-eth2, T3500-eth3):
and for the -hostfile should I also create separate entries for each core ?

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