On Sat, 22 Dec 2018 12:42:24 -0500
Bennet Fauber <ben...@umich.edu> wrote:

> Maybe the distribution tar ball at
> https://download.open-mpi.org/release/open-mpi/v3.1/openmpi-3.1.3.tar.gz
> did not get refreshed after the fix in
> https://github.com/bosilca/ompi/commit/b902cd5eb765ada57f06c75048509d0716953549
> was implemented? I downloaded the tarball from open-mpi.org today, 22
> Dec, and compiled and I get the warnings.

The 3.1.3 tar ball will always be exactly what it was when released
(ie. the 3.1.3 tag in git).

The commit you refer to was merged to the 3.1.x branch after 3.1.3 and
will as such be available in 3.1.4 if nothing unexpected happens.

If you want an unreleased 3.1.x you can use the corresponding nightly
build found at:


Also the commit on the v3.1.x branch is:

commit 9cce716e75b15c2fd7b1a017d807fe2e733e6ee6
Merge: 1704063162 00ab40cd79
Author: Ralph Castain <r...@open-mpi.org>
Date:   Tue Dec 4 06:14:41 2018 -0800

    Merge pull request #6038 from hppritcha/topic/swat_issue5810_v3.1.x
    btl/openib: fix a problem with ib query

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