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> Eduardo,
> You have two options to use OmniPath
> - “directly” via the psm2 mtl
> mpirun —mca pml cm —mca mtl psm2 ...
> - “indirectly” via libfabric
> mpirun —mca pml cm —mca mtl ofi ...
> I do invite you to try both. By explicitly requesting the mtl you will
> avoid potential conflicts.
> libfabric is used in production by Cisco and AWS (both major
> contributors to both Open MPI and libfabric) so this is clearly not
> something to stay away from.

Both me and a 2nd person investigated 4.0.0rc on Omnipath (see devel
list thread "Re: [OMPI devel] Announcing Open MPI v4.0.0rc1").

First both psm2 and ofi seemed broken but it turned out psm2 only had
problems because ofi got in the way. And ofi was not that easily
excluded since it also had a btl component.

Essentially I got it working by deleting all mca files matching *ofi*.

 Peter K
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