Dear Open MPI Gurus,

A cluster I use recently updated their SLURM to have support for UCX and
PMIx. These are names I've seen and heard often at SC BoFs and posters, but
now is my first time to play with them.

So, my first question is how exactly should I build Open MPI to try these
features out. I'm guessing I'll need things like "--with-ucx" to test UCX,
but is anything needed for PMIx?

Second, when it comes to running Open MPI, are there new MCA parameters I
need to look out for when testing?

Sorry for the generic questions, but I'm more on the user end of the
cluster than the administrator end, so I tend to get lost in the detailed
presentations, etc. I see online.

Matt Thompson
   “The fact is, this is about us identifying what we do best and
   finding more ways of doing less of it better” -- Director of Better Anna
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