I’m doing some research on message logging protocols. It seems that Vprotocol 
in Open MPI can wrap around communication calls and log messages, if enabled. 
Unfortunately, when I try to use it with Open MPI- 4.0.0, I get an error:

mpirun   --mca vprotocol pessimist    -mca vprotocol_pessimist_priority 10  -n 
4 $HOME/NPB3.3-MPI/bin/cg.B.4
vprotocol_pessimist: component_init: threads are enabled, and not supported by 
vprotocol pessimist fault tolerant layer, will not load

Unfortunately, it seems that actually disabling multi-threading is not possible 
in 4.0.0 (MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE is always used during compilation, and in 
contrast to the README file, --enable-mpi-thread-multiple or 
—disable-mpi-thread-multiple are not recognised as options). 

I’m pretty much stuck. Should I give up on the VProtocol as unusable then at 
the moment?

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