> Am 10.04.2019 um 14:57 schrieb Dave Love <dave.l...@manchester.ac.uk>:
> In fact, setting OPAL_PREFIX doesn't work for a relocated tree (with
> OMPI 1.10 or 3.0).  You also need $OPAL_PREFIX/lib and
> $OPAL_PREFIX/lib/openmpi on LD_LIBRARY_PATH (assuming $MPI_LIB=$MPI_HOME/lib):
>  $ OPAL_PREFIX=$(pwd)/usr/lib64/openmpi3 ./usr/lib64/openmpi3/bin/mpirun 
> mpirun true
>  ./usr/lib64/openmpi3/bin/mpirun: error while loading shared libraries: 
> libopen-rte.so.40: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Does export this OPAL_PREFIX also to all child processes? For me using export 
OPAL_PREFIX=… beforehand worked up to now.

-- Reuti
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