OpenMPI Users,

Are any of you using hwloc on Power9 hardware, specifically the IBM AC922 servers? If so, have you encountered any issues? I checked the documentation for the latest version (2.03), and found this:

Since it uses standard Operating System information, hwloc's support is mostly independant from the processor type
(x86, powerpc, ...) and just relies on the Operating System support.

and this:

To check whether hwloc works on a particular machine, just try to build it and run lstopo or lstopo-no-graphics.
If some things do not look right (e.g. bogus or missing cache information

We haven't bought any AC922 nodes yet, so i can't try that just yet  We are looking to purchase a small cluster, and want to make sure there are no known issues between the hardware and software before we make a purchase.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.



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