Hello everyone,

I am new to Open MPI please forgive me for my beginner mistake. I read through 
the FAQ of open-mpi.org<http://open-mpi.org> website and built a small cluster 
(9 nodes - including a master node).
I thought i followed the instructions accordingly but i am having issue running 
a simple mpirun.

$ mpirun -np 84  - -hostfile hostsfile ./openmpi_hello.c

mpirun: Forwarding signal 20 to job
ORTE does not know how to route a message to the specified daemon
located on the indicated node:

  my node:   phaser-manager
  target node:  radonc-phaser01

This is usually an internal programming error that should be
reported to the developers. In the meantime, a workaround may
be to set the MCA param routed=direct on the command line or
in your environment. We apologize for the problem.

I dont understand the meaning of the error message. I can share more of my 
configuration files if someone would be interested in helping me.

Thank you in advance for your help.



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