> On Jun 21, 2019, at 4:45 PM, Ralph Castain <r...@open-mpi.org> wrote:
> Hilarious - I wrote that code and I have no idea who added that option or 
> what it is supposed to do. I can assure, however, that it isn’t implemented 
> anywhere.

Not really a big deal, since the documentation doesn’t explain them, and I was 
just grasping at straws. Are rankfiles implemented?  Maybe I could use those 
(although binding/mapping command line arguments would definitely be easier).

> Perhaps if you tell us what pattern you are trying to get, we can advise you 
> on the proper cmd line to get there?

I thought that was in the original email.  Basically, I have 2 18 core CPUs, 
and I want ranks 0-17 on slots 0-17 in cpu 0 and 18-35 on slots 0-17 in cpu 1.  
I’d have thought that would be straightforward, but everything I’ve tried ends 
up with i_task%2 == i_cpu, i.e. 0,2,4,… on cpu 0 and 1,3,5… on cpu 1.

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