Thanks Junchao,

I issued in order to fix this (and the alltoallw variant as well)

Meanwhile, you can manually download and apply the patch at



On 6/28/2019 1:10 PM, Zhang, Junchao via users wrote:
  When I do MPI_Neighbor_alltoallv or MPI_Ineighbor_alltoallv,  I find when either outdegree or indegree is zero, OpenMPI will return an error. The suspicious code is at pneighbor_alltoallv.c / pineighbor_alltoallv.c

101         } else if ((NULL == sendcounts) || (NULL == sdispls) ||
102             (NULL == recvcounts) || (NULL == rdispls) ||
103             MPI_IN_PLACE == sendbuf || MPI_IN_PLACE == recvbuf) {
104             return OMPI_ERRHANDLER_INVOKE(comm, MPI_ERR_ARG, FUNC_NAME);
105         }

Apparently,  the counts, displs error-checking should only be done when degree != 0.

--Junchao Zhang

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