I had some issues with spawning processes in Fortran. I currently use Open
MPI v4.0.1. I've looked into it and stumbled into a few errors in

If 8-byte integers are used, when the function is called with
array_of_errcodes=MPI_ERRCODES_IGNORE, the array c_array_of_errcodes does
not get allocated but it is freed before the function returns. Also, when
array_of_errcodes is not MPI_ERRCODES_IGNORE, size (the size of the calling
communicator) * sizeof(int) bytes are allocated for c_array_of_errcodes,
but it is filled - correctly - with maxprocs (the number of spawned
processes) integers in mpi_comm_spawn().

I also had trouble with -map-by node and mpi_comm_spawn. This bug has since
been fixed (Oct 6, 2018, commit 51acbf7) but I can only see it on the
master branch. Could you tell me when it will be available in a stable

Thank you in advance,

László Gyevi-Nagy
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