the MPI application relies on some environment variables (they typically start with OMPI_ and PMIX_).

The MPI application internally uses a PMIx client that must be able to contact a PMIx server

(that is included in mpirun and the orted daemon(s) spawned on the remote hosts).

located on the same host.

If podman provides some isolation between the app inside the container (e.g. /home/mpi/hello)

and the outside world (e.g. mpirun/orted), that won't be an easy ride.



On 7/11/2019 4:35 PM, Adrian Reber via users wrote:
I did a quick test to see if I can use Podman in combination with Open

[test@test1 ~]$ mpirun --hostfile ~/hosts podman run /home/mpi/hello

  Hello, world (1 procs total)
     --> Process #   0 of   1 is alive. ->789b8fb622ef

  Hello, world (1 procs total)
     --> Process #   0 of   1 is alive. ->749eb4e1c01a

The test program (hello) is taken from

The problem with this is that each process thinks it is process 0 of 1
instead of

  Hello, world (2 procs total)
     --> Process #   1 of   2 is alive.  ->test1
     --> Process #   0 of   2 is alive.  ->test2

My questions is how is the rank determined? What resources do I need to have
in my container to correctly determine the rank.

This is Podman 1.4.2 and Open MPI 4.0.1.

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