I am trying to setup my open-mpi application to run under grid.

It works sometimes, but sometimes I get the below error. I have contacted my 
grid site administrator and the message from them is that they cannot change 
the TMPDIR path used in the grid configuration.

I have tried setting TNPDIR, but it does not help (probably because grid engine 
resets it).

What other alternatives do I have?

One other curious question is that why does open-mpi creates such a large name? 
I understand that part of this path is dependent on TMPDIR value, but even 
after that it adds additional unnecessary characters like “openmpi-sessions-<5 
digit number>@<machine name>_0/<another 5 digit number>”, which could have been 
shortened to something like “omp-<5 digit number>@<machine name>_0/<5 digit 
number>” and saving 14 characters (almost 15% of possible length).


PMIx has detected a temporary directory name that results
in a path that is too long for the Unix domain socket:

    Temp dir: /var/spool/sge/wv2/tmp/<9 digit grid job id>.1.<16 character 
character machine name>_0/50671

Try setting your TMPDIR environmental variable to point to
something shorter in length

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