Hello Jeff,

In short, Yes. 

To further explain what I meant, I see many problems which will just end in 
termination of the MPI job, sharing the same error message (which is just 
saying that the process aborted) while the underlying reason are different, 
sometimes related to the code, some other times related to hardware, 
networking, configuration of Infiniband.

I want when I get such error to have details that guide me to which area I 
should investigate, without spitting very detailed logs like the output of 
strace for example, so it doesn't make the actual output of the MPI job harder 
to read.

I assume it could be either something enabled during compilation of OMPI 
itself, or something passed during runtime (will be better).

All the best,

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I'm not sure exactly what you are asking -- can you be more specific?

Are you asking if Open MPI can emit more detail when an error occurs and the 
job aborts?

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> Hello all,
> I was wondering if I can enable some reasonable level of debugging for OMPI 
> errors, especially in the cases that just report that a process is killed 
> (for example MPI_ABORT was invoked) and that's it.
> All the best,
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