Please take a look at /etc/network/interfaces to see if eth0 has the right 
The Contrail installation process add the vhost0 interface to this file (in 
place of eth0).
But if you hit some errors, perhaps this file was not in a sane state.


On 9/21/16, 4:37 PM, "Patil, Harish" <> wrote:

    Hi Raja,
    I have a strange issue.
    After issuing fab upgrade_kernel the kernel is downgraded to as expected. But after that I can’t ping/ssh the eth0
    interface of host1. I tried all other ways to make it work. Have someone
    else seen the same issue? Even though I boot back to 4.2.0-27-generic
    kernel I can’t ping. Could the contrail SW be interfering with it?
    >Thanks Raja.
    >I will try downgrading the kernel and see if I can get over this.
    >Can you please re-confirm that my understanding of control_data section is
    >correct, I shall skip VLAN.
    >>Hi Harish,
    >>    Yes, you need “fab upgrade_kernel”. It could downgrade the kernel.
    >>You can avoid VLAN in the control_data,
    >>but the gateway may be required.
    >>On 9/20/16, 10:23 AM, "Users on behalf of Patil, Harish"
    >>< on behalf of
    >>> wrote:
    >>    Hello,
    >>    I¹m trying out Contrail SW installation for the first time. I have an
    >>    issue in installing it.
    >>    Attached are the following to help debug the issue:
    >>    1) Diagram that shows the setup. Its a simple two-node topology with
    >>    2x25G NIC connected back-back.
    >>    The is configured based on that. All the configuration is
    >>    happening over the lab network 172.29.54.x connected via eth0
    >>    The end objective is to create VMs on both nodes using Openstack and
    >>    between both VMs using VXLAN as the tunneling protocol using the NIC
    >>    interfaces.
    >>    2) The fab setup_all log that shows the failure.
    >>    3)
    >>    Additional details:
    >>    1) Contrail SW:
    >>    contrail-install-packages_3.0.2.0-51-ubuntu-14-04kilo_all.deb
    >>    2) OS:
    >>    root@dut4092:/opt/contrail/utils# uname -a
    >>    Linux dut4092 4.2.0-27-generic #32~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 22
    >>    UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    >>    Questions:
    >>    - The documentation says 3.13.0-34 is the recommended kernel version.
    >>    it a must? 
    >>    Does fab upgrade_kernel_all actually downgrades the linux kernel?  I
    >>    didn¹t experiment by downgrading the kernel since the current
    >>    issue does not seem related to linux kernel version.
    >>    - There is a section called ³control_data² in I believe
    >>    is where we need to specify eth4 and eth5 as NIC interfaces over
    >>which the
    >>    VM traffic has to flow.
    >>    But I don¹t want to specify gateway and VLAN. Is it possible?
    >>    Eg:
    >>    #    host1 : { 'ip': '', 'gw' : '',
    >>    'device':'eth0', 'vlan': '224' },
    >>    Thanks,
    >>    Harish

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