Not exactly what you are asking for but this might help:
We are using MPLS over GRE not VXLAN (Not sure if VXLAN is supported with the 
MX and Contrail. I think  it was not when we implemented contrail)

Tunneling for GRE is configured like this:
set routing-options dynamic-tunnels contrail gre
set routing-options dynamic-tunnels contrail source-address $ROUTERIP
set routing-options dynamic-tunnels contrail destination-networks 

Robert van Leeuwen

From: Users <> on behalf of shuqiang zhao 
Date: Monday, March 20, 2017 at 9:51 AM
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Subject: [Users] Configuring EVPN and VXLAN with MX80

Hi All,
   When I did the verification as the video in the link .I met with one question that:
Server in the MX 80 device could not ping the VM in the successfully. I 
captured the packets
in the MX 80 and could not capture the any packets from VM in the MX device 
side. In fact, the
VM in Contrail side answered the arp request for the Server.
I used the Juno OS 16.2R1.6 verision. Anybody met this question or share the 
accurate the EVPN with VXLAN configuration with me.
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